Wednesday, April 11, 2001

Hey i can stay one the net! Anyway where was i? Ballet. I've been taking ballet for a year and a half. I just started pointe. I managed a part in our cities Nutcracker but out of the 5 other girls i know who take ballet in my school in 8th grade (ballet ain't that popular here) i have the least experience so i must be pretty scary to look at balencing on my toes.
At this very second i'm one spring break and i'm not going anywhere. All these people at school are going to mexico or bermuda or some other place, california. This girl in my Algebra class is going on a criuse. It doesn't matter. I already have natural tan skin. And another thing i don't like people don't- oh i need a bigger vocabulary! what the word i need?- think about inter racial marriges like my parents. Sometimes people don't belive my dad is my dad because his skin is white. They think I'm a mexican. I'm half ASIAN, thank you very much. Yegawds if you don't know what your talking about shut your mouth. That's what i say.
You that new song from Pink, Mya, Lil' Kim, and Christina A? Lady Marmalade? That part they sing in French? That sounds like 'ole voucushay ave braw' What the heck does that mean? Some one told me they heard on TV it means 'come sleep with me again'!
I hate being shy! AAARHAHSJHAAHASIOOI7618254%%%$^%#&^%*&^)&!!!!!!! That's my swearing there. I'm awesome at singing but nobody knows except for my brothers. I hate being afraid! I don't have a lot of friends because I'm so shy. It's painful. Sniff. And i've never had a boyfriend. Not that i need an immature skinny legged jerk cheating on me because he thinks he's the coolest thing on the planet since the remote control, No. That's not the point. People don't notice me. I wish i had one of those outgoing spunky personalities. But i only do here on a peice of paper or a webscreen.
It's a lie when they say beauty will get guys to like you. It's your personalities girls! I should know. Some people who first meet me tell i'm beautiful but it doesn't help me any, really. My parents say i'll grow out of it but they say they same thing about nail biting now don't they? Maybe if i got some bigger boobs.....JUST kidding! I know that will only attract the wrong kind of guy. I don't want to hang with jerks. Assholes is a better word.
OOOOOHHHH yes! I finally got this thing to work. It's embarresing that it took 2 tries because i took a webmaking page this year. Now i have time to sit and write because my 2 brothers are out, one with friends and one at baseball. And my dad swimming at the BAC(BirchwoodAtleticClub) and my mom at work and the dogs outside not barking (For once!). I think myself a writer. I won the 8th grade county wide essay contest this year. 3rd place actually but mine was awesome i tell you. Maybe i'll post it sometime.
I'm mad at my brothers. When I'm on vacation i try to help my parents- you know cleaning and stuff- and the boys sit around. They don't seem to relize that if they don't do the work someone else with have to do twice as much. AAARRGG! Like this morning they were watching cartoons! PLease. The one who's with friends right now you know, he's 15. The other one is 12. Gimme a break.
I have a diary that i write in but when i saw an article in the paper about this i thought this site sounded cool. I'm not a loser or an outcast or an ugly girl with no self esteem so this won't become my whole life but i hope I can find time for it.
Hello to all you that don't know me and just happened to stumble upon this. Yes i do know haw to post pictures. Yes I'm 13. I'm 5 ft 4in and 109 pounds. I live in the boring city of Port Huron, MI. And my mother has just driven in the driveway so i'll probably have to get off the internet. THIS IS NOT A PERSONAL ADD FREAKS OF THE WORLD. You know i just remember my mother telling me the 3 things i should never tell anyone: Your weight
How much money you make
and how old you are
but i've just told you 2 of the 3 and i don't have a job anyway, although i did have a paper route. That i quit last year because they can really drag you into a depression people. I like making $$$ but that route drove me crazy. I can study for 2 hours straight (figures i'm an A student but i get paid by my parents and that's how i make $$) but not truge through snow and rain.
Now though i'm in track and after it rain sit's all gross. I ran an 100 meter dash in 12.8 seconds but the 1/2 mile took me like 4 minutes. I prefer my ballet.